Custom WordPress Solutions

Custom WordPress Solutions

Your business is unique, therefore your website should be too.

Our custom development will enhance your website with functional features that set it apart from the rest.

Why Web World?

  • Coded by WordPress Experts
  • 10 plus years experience
  • Adheres to WordPress Best Practices

When out of the box just won’t do

Does your business need a little more than just a website? A custom solution is the way to go. A tailored platform for users who need unique things to happen on their site. A dynamic sales funnel, a CRM application, a special database are just some of things we have made happen.

A perfect solution for users who need a unique theme designed by professional graphic designers and hand coded by an experienced WordPress programmer to accommodate you business needs.

Why a custom WordPress Solution?

  • Drive sales and manage sales pipeline
  • Enhance customer service and support channels
  • Data warehousing and information and media distribution
  • Improve access to different communication mediums
  • Media showcase and access
  • Custom application management

Look good on every device

Previous Custom Solutions

You might not have an idea what some of those points mentioned above are but they can be critical to the success of your business. Companies are always trying to maximize revenue while lowering costs to increase profits, one of the ways to do that is by using your website not only for marketing and sales, but to help with support and management of your products and/or services, clients and potential clients and infrastructure.

When you talk with us we take all these areas into account and develop a comprehensive strategy that will answer your most important questions. You may even find you have questions you didn’t realize when you started! This strategy may be rolled out all at once or in stages but rest assured we will be there every step of they way to help guide you.

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Trust the process!

We use 4 phases to complete a web project.

  • Collaborative Brainstorming Phase, where we help you figure out what’s important
  •  The Visualization Phase, putting your ideas into visual concepts such as story boards and wire frames
  •  Programmable Architecture Phase, turning the mock ups into code and applying the structure
  • Beta Testing Phase, 3 stage process of testing the application. User testing, browser testing, responsive testing.

Ready to get started?

Tell us about your project and then have your people call our people!

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